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About Higher Ground Party Band.

Introducing the band members and a little bit about them:

Jamie Vocals/Acoustic Guitar:

Jamie has sang since he was seven years old and played the guitar from the age of seventeen. He has played in well-known local bands such as ‘The Organisation’ and a number of acoustic solo performances at Weddings and functions.  His musical influences are Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Libertines to name a few.  As the ‘front man’ of the Band, Jamie has developed his unique style of entertaining the crowd which shows at the live performances.

Jamie uses: Sure Wireless Microphones, Epiphone and Tanglewood acoustics

Sam Drums & Percussion:

Sam first played drums at the age of 14 touring the British Country Music circuit in a band called Settlers Creek along with Dunc and Norm. Playing at large festivals, holiday camps, pubs and clubs he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience whilst on the road.  Sam has performed with a number of well-known bands in the area including ‘The Underachievers’, ‘Nova Six’,‘I’m honour, she’s Disaster’, ‘Wrack and Ruin’ as well as studio session work, In addition Sam is featured on the Song/Video release of ‘Future Hearted’ whilst performing with ‘IHSD’,   Sam also plays Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Bass which adds another dimension to the band.

Sam uses: Pearl Drums, Sabian & Zildjian Cymbals and Zildjian Sticks

Dunc Backing Vocals/Guitar:

Dunc has played in a number of bands from the age of 14 when he first joined ‘White Lightning’. He has always had a passion for music and enjoys being able to share this with the audience as you can tell by his performance onstage. Dunc has developed his own style of playing over the years from influences such as Van Halen, Kane Roberts, Eric Clapton to the likes of Albert Lee and Brad Paisley.

Dunc uses: EVH, Schecter, Fender Guitars, Line 6 Amplification, Elixir strings, Sure microphones and lots of gaffa tape.

Norm Keyboards:

Norm is a Grade 8 musically trained pianist and an experienced keyboard player who has played in a number of bands such as ‘Wrack and Ruin’ touring throughout the UK. Joining Higher Ground in 2014, he was previously keyboard player with Sam and Dunc in Settlers Creek which toured throughout the British music scene for over 10 years.  Norm's keyboard skills have given the band an extra dimension and the band's material can now cover a lot of specialist songs for the keyboard.

Norm uses: Roland and Kurtzweil keyboards, Yamaha amplification and lots of wires and gaffa tape

John Bass Guitar:

John first started playing bass at the age of 13 and has played in pubs and clubs throughout Britain.  He has played in a number of familiar local bands such as ‘The Organisation’.   John was brought up in a musical family with his dad a professional drummer and grandparents who were musicians.  John's amazing playing styles are influenced by Steve Harris, Mark King, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius and Flea.

John uses: Music Man, Fender and Cort Bass guitars, Hartke, Trace Elliot. Behringer and Fender amplification, AKG Wireless systems and Sure Microphones.

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